Map Packs for all CS:S Servers

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Map Packs for all CS:S Servers

Post by EDAC » February 15th, 2010, 8:12 pm

Here are updated map packs for all of the CS:S servers. The Big map packs are organized by popularity, with the most popular maps being in pack 1 and the least popular maps in pack 4.

The Comprehensive CS:S Map Pack - 549.03 MB
Contains all maps from packs listed below.
MD5: ae0f3c0264d5fe040db7d114431bc010

Big/Big2 Common Maps (some of the most popular) - 71.28 MB
MD5: 001ac183c7ff64a48e54ed25486c81af
cs_italy, cs_office, de_candybar, de_contra, de_dust2, de_nightfever, de_season, de_vostok, de_westwood_extend, de_westwood_extended, knas_Sandland_CSS

Big Map Pack 1 - 54.24 MB
MD5: a036199e92710d94e70b7353dfff25a7
cs_kismayo, de_aztec, de_cbble, de_cpl_mill, de_dust, de_inferno, de_losttemple_pro, de_nuke, de_piranesi, de_train

Big Map Pack 2 - 65.27 MB
MD5: 17abd8147d1aa290f2b30d381e177c33
cs_compound, cs_italy_tactik2, cs_militia, de_chateau, de_cpl_fire, de_kismayo, de_prodigy, de_russka, de_tides

Big Map Pack 3 - 80.48 MB
MD5: 03d426e5a3b1d39c94e230746a6dd46c
cs_assault_2005, cs_miami_css, de_boomtown_uma4, de_dusttech, de_forest, de_meatfactory, de_noahsark_uma3, de_revelations, de_villa

Big Map Pack 4 - 42.24 MB
MD5: d664aef7ae55113f6e0eb1bdfc9ed2c0
cs_assault, cs_office_extended, de_eminence, de_inferno_tt, de_ipadu, de_nanotech, de_paradigm, de_tuscan

GunGame and GunGame:Deathmatch Common Maps - 11.05 MB
MD5: c78d9fcc8f82f9dda32b328cc1e391e1
fy_saltybottoms_b1, fy_shotgun_alley, gg_DustyBasement_b1, gg_Fx_World_Source, gg_aim_shotty, gg_big_dustybottoms_b1, gg_buzzkills_cd, gg_cluster, gg_crash_b1, gg_fy_funtimes, gg_fy_italy, gg_fy_snow, gg_mini_mario, gg_neff_ancienttemple, gg_neff_trainingfacility, gg_playground

GunGame Only Maps - 38.23 MB
MD5: 9b6f95a1581b81a75f1d99955453c1d2
fy_iceworld_bloodflow, gg_$z_paintball, gg_007_bluesector, gg_7_countryhouse, gg_DustTownAbandoned_Dusk, gg_aim_deagle5, gg_aim_jungle_brick, gg_ar_glass_fortress, gg_bathroom, gg_bkh_assault_runner, gg_bkh_shotty_deagle_remix, gg_cardhouse_small, gg_castle_games, gg_cspaintball1, gg_deaglewire, gg_dehydrated, gg_fy_BoxFort, gg_fy_tactic_fight, gg_garage, gg_hsx_shotty_remade, gg_ice, gg_iceland_b3, gg_inside, gg_ivy_walls, gg_labrace, gg_repub_skb, gg_titanium, gg_wmd_missile

Deathmatch Only Maps - 55.26 MB
MD5: 065d6b7aacbd48054835c9f8cb8001fe
IF_dev_match_b1, aim_47th_v2, aim_48th, aim_ag_texture2, aim_ag_texture5, aim_deagle_m4_b1, dr3w_gg_deathmatch, fy_battlecube_b1, fy_bloodarena2, gg_3tier, gg_Blitz_b1, gg_GK_worlds_beta, gg__lego_officemini_cd, gg_aim_47th_v2-l, gg_aim_ag_texture_jungle-l, gg_blam_b1, gg_cfh_3, gg_deagle5, gg_dm_chinzak, gg_fastcastle_b1, gg_fy_area_762a, gg_fy_brickworld_final, gg_fy_bupool-m, gg_fy_charge, gg_fy_icecabin_day_gzm-m, gg_fy_icecabin_gzm-m, gg_fy_industrial_b1, gg_fy_stoneworld_obe, gg_fy_winterfun-m, gg_knas_speedcastle_css_64, gg_nintendo_b4, gg_ramp_it_up_b1, gg_scoutzknivez_hc, gg_take_a_side, ka_fragyard, knas_speedcastle64_css, scoutzknivez_island_cd, tr_colt_unleashed

Surf Maps - 130.96 MB
MD5: b7a4fde7e62fb298025cf3e0bd49dc4c
surf_2heaven_b1, surf_2nd, surf_2tricky, surf_4rooms_v3, surf_10x_final, surf_10x_reloaded, surf_2010_hitech_b3, surf_abyss, surf_ag_texture_final, surf_aircontrol_v3, surf_akai_final, surf_amplitude_light, surf_arena_b2, surf_bedroom, surf_bigramp_v2b, surf_blaze, surf_blockfortv1, surf_concretejunglev2, surf_crakeur_final, surf_crazy_64, surf_curse_beta2, surf_deathjump_v1, surf_dreamer_v1, surf_egypt_prison2, surf_everclear_final, surf_faceoff, surf_fastspiral_finalversion, surf_funpark, surf_funzor, surf_graphia, surf_greatriver_v4, surf_gust, surf_inca, surf_japan, surf_leet_xl_final, surf_leet_xl_reloaded_b1, surf_legends, surf_legends_lite, surf_loop, surf_lore, surf_machine, surf_machine_remix_v2, surf_melons, surf_meltdown_v2, surf_nitrogen, surf_nocturnal_v2, surf_ny_master_exploder, surf_office_rv, surf_oncar, surf_prisoner_v2, surf_raceway, surf_rat&cat, surf_rebel_resistance_final11, surf_sandwitch_final, surf_skate_park_v2, surf_ski, surf_sky_b1, surf_sky_b3, surf_skycastle, surf_skyscraper_2005_prison, surf_skyscraper_big, surf_skyworld, surf_slalom, surf_sniper_v2, surf_spacedout, surf_superduper_v1, surf_take, surf_thriller, surf_tp_anti, surf_trapsandtricks_final, surf_xiv_v2a
word count: 761
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Re: Map Packs for all CS:S Servers

Post by Gone » February 15th, 2010, 8:23 pm

Sweetness! :biggrin: Tyvm EDAC
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Re: Map Packs for all CS:S Servers

Post by Maxx Skywalker » February 16th, 2010, 7:45 pm

Needs more maps for Big and Big2, but otherwise, an excellent selection of maps.
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Re: Map Packs for all CS:S Servers

Post by nstinson » January 16th, 2011, 12:41 pm

Thank you for compiling this list. It is very useful!
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