If you missed our last CC Meeting:

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If you missed our last CC Meeting:

Post by NeoJabez » April 16th, 2017, 4:00 pm

We have two great new tools for our members, and we hope you'll put them to use!

Prayer Requests / Praise Reports Form:

Located in the nav menu for the forums, (next to Quick Links | FAQ | Calendar), is our new form that you can use publicly or privately, named or anonymous, to ask for or request prayer, or to report on praises for blessings received. This form DOES NOT replace our prayer and praise forums, you are still welcome to use those as you see fit, this is just an extra tool to help!

We *WILL* use these requests and reports in our Power Prayer Tuesday nights and at our CC Meetings, perhaps Bible Studies too, that's up to the Bible Study Leaders.

You can ask for unnamed prayers, or you can be very specific, and very truthful, and anonymous. When we say anonymous, we mean that you can request that your information be private, and you can use the form without naming yourself. The Prayer Request form does NOT require an email address, so the ONLY way we could possibly track you would be through your IP. (We won't be doing that unless the form starts getting spammed.)

Feel free to use this resource as you see fit! The power of prayer is real, and has even been measured by numerous experiments! When a few of us come together and cover a topic in prayer, we are communicating openly with God, for whom all things are possible, He has told us we have but to ask! No prayer or praise too small, this resource is for you, use it!


Questions Form:

Found at: https://ccgaming.com/media/questions We've decided to bring back an older tool we used to have in the Christian Crew, our "Questions" form. Basically, you ask any type of question, be it personal, an advice request, a technical question, or even Biblical and Spiritual questions like you see at https://gotquestions.org and we will do our best to answer.

This form SHOULD NOT take the place of Private Messages, if you really want to speak with a leader or anyone else one on one, please do so. Mainly, we are hoping to use Questions to share teachable moments with the community and provide answers to questions that lots of people might have.

We have the form designed so that you can ask your questions privately or anonymously, or publicly and with any name you wish, including your CC username. The point of this form is to allow people to find a mentor, a little assistance when things don't make sense, someone who can help them navigate something they've never been exposed to previously, or even to ask big spiritual questions.

Unlike the prayer form, this form DOES require an email address, but it will NOT be passed along to anyone, other than an email address and IP number, a person is completely anonymous. We ask for an email to help protect the form from spam.

Take a look, ask a test question, we would love to hear from you, and receive some very good questions! If you ask a really good questions, please give us a little time to formulate an equally good answer! Public answers might be shared in an Answers forum so that we can share them with others, and everyone can benefit.


We really hope you enjoy these new tools, and all the other resources that we offer. If you haven't previously looked around the site, (and especially the game divisions, donations and resources sections, please take a look! We have a WEALTH of content you may not know even exists! If you ever have suggestions or thoughts for more interactivity for us, please let us know!

It is our honor to serve our members to the best of our ability.
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