Common Sense!!

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Common Sense!!

Post by Globalkoas » March 26th, 2017, 2:20 pm

With recent events I felt it was time to make a post about how we treat others in the community. I could post scripture to back this up. I will leave that up to you to figure out. For me it seems common sense would cover this. Unfortunately this seems to have been lost some where with some around here.

We all have said things that come off wrong. I get that. I myself have let things slip or just lost my temper and said something. No one is perfect and I don't expect anyone to be. What I'm talking about is how we interact and talk with members/regulars and especially the girls/women around here.

I have been here over 12yrs and a leader a good part of that and have witnessed to many things to count, but I have never heard of the way a few have been treating the girls/women of CC. Frankly I nor the other leaders of this community have no tolerance for this.

Teasing and ribbing friends I get, but when a "MAN" tells a woman they shouldn't be gaming and go to the kitchen, sexual comments etc..
THIS ISN'T GOING TO FLY!!! Period!!Women should and will be treated with respect around here. I look at this way, if you wouldn't say it to your mother then you probably shouldn't be saying it.

We have several members male/female that have disabilities/illness/etc that have been made fun of. That "WON'T" fly either. Girls/women have a hard enough time gaming/hanging out online as it is. This community over the years has done a pretty good job of providing a safe place where people can hangout and be themselves without worry of this type of thing.

It's not a given right to be here.
If you can't act right and treat others right, well then this place won't be on your list to hangout!!! PERIOD!!Being banned from here doesn't mean you weren't forgiven. We have a duty to protect the members here from this type of thing and WILL!!

I realize people make mistakes, but continued behavior WILL NOT be tolerated and leadership will be forced to remove the problem. You may be warned/kicked/banned and not necessarily in that order!

Those that do experience this type of behavior please contact leadership. If we don't know about the problem we can't fix it.

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Re: Common Sense!!

Post by NeoJabez » March 26th, 2017, 3:57 pm

Global is watching!

In all seriousness, I back up my brother 100%.
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Re: Common Sense!!

Post by SkyeRangerDelta » March 26th, 2017, 6:28 pm

I am in total agreement.

I'm not on a terrible lot, but I have heard one or two comments that I don't particularly care for. I have done my best to refrain from any possible slights or put-downs that may arise, people that know me know that I have a fuse that's about 30 football fields long (not even kidding it takes forever to get me mad).

I respect everyone in this community, especially it's leaders and fellow members. At this point, if it's reached an intolerable point, I will say something if it comes up. No questions asked.

Just like Neo said, I back you 100%
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Re: Common Sense!!

Post by MauzeKing » April 3rd, 2017, 9:36 pm

I Love this group because of the respect for everyone regardless of sex, age, ability, or beliefs. If I hear any of this I will lit leadership know because I don't want this part of CC! I'm with you guys 110%!
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