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Attn Christian Crew!

Post by Kratos » March 4th, 2018, 10:44 pm

This thread has two purposes:


Please join me in welcoming a new position to our staff, Merchandise Coordinator.

I am really excited about this for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is because who has accepted the position, Amroth!

Amroth has been here since January, 2009. (officially) Amroth has grown leaps and bounds as a person and as a Christian since joining. Amroth is a great member, admin, and friend and I am thoroughly excited that he's going to be doing this new position.


We will be creating a merchandise team, also. Please, if you're interested PM Amroth. We, initially, will only be taking a few people. 3-4. We aren't sure of all of the specifics, but the idea is we will be releasing new merchandise every so often (a set amount of time TBD), and this team will be responsible for coming up with new designs.

Amroth will be in charge of organizing the team, keeping everyone on the team focused, working with the team as far as designs go, and then presenting the new ideas to the staff. The staff of CC will approve/disprove designs by voting (and every so often, we'll do community giveaways/votes as well).

We believe that our merchandise store has great potential to reach people. If someone sees your new hat, shirt, hoodie, or key chain (whatever they come up with) and it starts a conversation then that's awesome! If that doesn't happen, hopefully you enjoy your new sweet looking merch!

Like I said, if you're interested in helping, PM Amroth. We aren't making a big team, yet. If things go well and Amroth and the team really enjoy everything and such, then they'll expand but for now, the team won't be very large. So, get with Amroth, he'll review everyone that is interested in helping and we'll go from there.

Thanks all!
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