Minecraft Server Rules

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Minecraft Server Rules

Post by Aaronander » August 7th, 2014, 8:39 am

Server address: minecraft.ccgaming.com Port: 25565

Our server uses a whitelist to manage access.
Please see this thread for more information.

Minecraft Specific Rules:
- Do not destroy, alter, or modify other people's builds without their express permission.

- Do not set 'traps' to kill players or destroy their builds.

- Keep land claims reasonable. If you want to claim a large area of land, go further away from spawn. As a general rule, the closer you are to spawn, the smaller your land claim should be. If there are any quarrels about claim size or if someone built too close to you, an admin would be more than happy to help you moderate the dispute or help you find a new place to call home.

- Naturally occurring Mines are public property; they cannot be claimed.

- Do not extend the map unnecessarily. (Also known as running around just for the sake of extending the map. While the server handles large maps better now, it still causes problems.)

- Religious Buildings and/or Structures of any denomination will no longer be allowed to be built on the Minecraft Server, be it Christianity, Catholicism, or a religion of your choosing.

- During Creative Events, please use Creative Mode wisely. You are welcome to go off and build whatever you want during these events but if you are caught messing with other people's creations or causing general havok, your permissions will be removed.

- Be respectful.
- If another player asks you to leave their area, do so.
- Do not steal from others.
- Do not openly argue with anyone.
- Do not attack another member with rude or unnecessary remarks, or name-calling.
- Debates are fine but do not attack another member directly. Debates are probably best to save for the forums or teamspeak, so keep them to a minimum in minecraft chat.

No cheating of any kind is allowed. This includes X-Ray mods or any other mod that the leadership of CC deems unacceptable.

- If you have any problem with someone on the minecraft server please feel free to involve the DL or a Council Member for mediation. A Private Message on the forums is probably the quickest way to get a hold of one if they are not online.

The leadership of The Christian Crew reserves the right to modify, add, or remove rules as we see fit. You will be held accountable to keeping up with rules changes in this thread.
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