My new server

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My new server

Post by DarkSamuraiSC » May 17th, 2015, 7:52 pm

Attention!: The server has been shut down, due to inactivity, I aplogize if this is an inconvenience.

Hello! I am DarkSamuraiSC, or Dark__Samurai in minecraft.

I'm running a minecraft server right now, it's a newer server, I've only had it a few weeks now, so it's not the most popular, I've not publicly offered the IP to anywhere but here, feel free to invite your friends.

Here is the IP:
I'll describe the different features of the server, below, I reccomend you read them.

The server is a Spigot BungeeCord server, meaning it has the capability to have multiple servers linked in one:

The servers are as follows:

Lobby: this server you will spawn in, whenever you join the server, it's a bridge between all the servers.

Survival: This server is just normal survival with Essentials plugin, which gives things like /tpa /home etc.

Creative: This server is more in-development, and may not spawn you in creative, I've been working on the others servers more

Arena: This server is a mini-game server, where we're building arenas, for PvP with bows, and such

DeathSwap: This server is not always active, it's a gamemode by the minecraft Youtuber SethBling it requires 3 people to operate, which I usuallly maintain, if you're online and with to play it, message me, if I'm online.

Missile Wars: This server is also inactive, and I haven't figured out how to run the gamemode yet, so disregard it for now.

You may have trouble when joining the server lobby, I've been trying to set everything up correctly, but it's a possibility you will spawn in the wrong spot, if this happens, do /spawn, or log into
to go to the survival server.

See you soon!
-Richie Spekner
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