Looking for Christian Collaboration for My YouTube Series

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Looking for Christian Collaboration for My YouTube Series

Post by Hero887 » October 9th, 2015, 1:54 pm

Hello fellow Minecrafter,

Do you like modded Minecraft? Do you like powered tools, technology, special machines, and more? Do you have experience playing with these kinds of mods in Minecraft? Do the names "Crash Landing" "FTB" "Direwolf20" "Regrowth" "Tekkit" "Feed the Beast" or "Thermal Expansion" sound familiar to you? Have you ever wanted to be on YouTube and make Minecraft videos? Are you looking to pass the time playing modded Minecraft with a fellow Christian?

Then perhaps you may be interested in a collaboration with me, small time YouTuber and overall nice guy, Hero887!

Check out one of my videos, you might like it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvmN4EoE7Js

I miss the days of playing with good ol' Christian friends and Minecraft is always better with other people. In this case, I'm only looking for one person.

This one person could be you but here are the following things I am looking for in this person:

1. A Faithful Follower of Jesus Christ! I dislike all the vulgar and profanity ridden YouTube videos out there so I need someone that loves God enough to let it influence all they do - especially their words.
2. Good Quality Microphone and Skype - This is a must have! Nothing is worse than recording a poor microphone voice.
3. An Upbeat Positive Personality - no one enjoys listening to a boring and depressing person.
4. A Flexible Schedule - I mainly play at night. Normally and limited to Monday and Tuesday night. Sometimes Friday night after 10PM EST. If you can't play during those times, this collaboration may not work out. I can't change my schedule sadly.
5. A Team Player - good at team work and don't mind doing grindy tasks for the team.
6. You own Minecraft - it helps :biggrin:
7. You know a little (or a lot) about the various mods used in FTB Modpacks
8. (Not required but nice) You have recording software and an established YouTube channel.

If you have those things and you are interested, then you should private message me thru the forums here! I look forward to meeting you!
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