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Re: Nicholas1024's Strategy Thread

Post by Matirum » May 3rd, 2014, 3:57 pm

Strategy Tip 6: How and when to push?

What about the Jungler?

If your own laner has to back but the enemy lane doesn't, then you can stay and last hit. You can also push and go back to your jungle, but it's wise to check with your laner first. (Some will be fine with it, some will get irritated with you.)

if your mid leaves lane after a gank as the jungler only hard push if the enemy had to back as well and only if you can get the wave all the way to enemy tower before enemy returns to lane. if you cant get lane all the way to tower then only stay in the lane if the wave is pushed to your own tower and you lane isn't there to take wave. still only last hit the minions though. you want the lane to stay as close to your tower as possible. the reason for this isn't as much about taking cs from the lane but keeping the person in lane from being put in a hard situation when they return, example: pushed up to the enemy tower without ward coverage.
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Re: Nicholas1024's Strategy Thread

Post by Nicholas1024 » May 10th, 2014, 6:10 pm

Strategy Tip 7: The rise of support mid-laners and the fall of assassins

Alright, so if you've been watching the LCS lately, you know that Soraka and Lulu mid are becoming more and more popular, and assassins not named Leblanc seem to be less used. Why is this the case?

In short, the benefit of taking a Soraka or Lulu mid is the utility. As they actually have decent AP scalings, putting them in a solo lane will give you a lot of CC, shields, and heals, though you lose some damage as well.

This works very well when paired with a hard-scaling ADC without escapes. While someone like Twitch or Jinx is typically fairly vulnerable in a fight, a mid-lane Lulu or Soraka can give them enough health and shields to completely frustrate any assassination attempts. When you add in the extra peel done by the actual support, it almost completely makes up for the ADC's lack of mobility, and gives them free reign to destroy the enemy team.

The other factor that influenced this meta shift are the recent buffs to both exhaust and heal. An exhausted assassin now loses 50% of their burst (as opposed to 30% previously) and has trouble 0-deathing anyone, while heal has become much more frequently used and the speed boost can often make the difference when trying to kite. In short, we have two improved anti-assasin summoners, which makes the role less viable, and sustained damage in turn becomes more powerful.

This raises the natural question, how do you counter this heal/shield/sustained damage sort of composition?

The first tactic is to simply ban or pick away Lulu and Soraka. While it's a good tactic, there's few enough champions capable of using it to simply ban the strategy out.

Another possibility is going for harder-scaling hyper carries. If they have Shyvana/Twitch but you're carrying Tristana and Jax, you should have the edge in an extended teamfight.

A third is focusing on keeping their damage dealers behind via early game jungler/mid pressure. While Lulu and Soraka have great utility, their actual damage is fairly low, so if the other roles are behind, they'll likely struggle to kill people in fights.

And finally, it's still possible to simply go for picks or assasination against these support mids, just keep in mind that if your initiation is poor, they'll have an easy time capitalizing it.
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Re: Nicholas1024's Strategy Thread

Post by Nicholas1024 » October 21st, 2014, 2:14 pm

Strategy Tip 8: Vision and Laning

I think it's high time I started this series of tips back up, don't you? Anyway, on to the most important topic I feel qualified to talk about, and that's vision control.

You know how wards work. You can have up to three sight wards and one vision ward at any given time, and there's the trinket to help out.

However, knowing how wards work, and knowing how vision works are two very different things. There's several things vision is good for in lane phase alone.

1. Safety
If you have vision of the entrances to your lane, the enemy jungler can't surprise you, which means you shouldn't be getting ganked, which cuts down on your deaths in lane a LOT.

((Disclaimer: Some champions have unique ways of bypassing this, be it things such as Pantheon's man drop, Evelyn's stealth, or even just Rammus speeding into the lane far too quickly to avoid. That doesn't mean you should stop warding, but there are champions you need to take additional precautions against.))

In short, I'm of the opinion that unless you're only farming under tower, you should always have at least one ward out, and often two. However, while everyone should be warding, some champions can get away with less warding than others. A champion who wants to play aggressively but has no escape like Syndra or Akali NEEDS good wards if they want to avoid being camped mercilessly. However, someone like Leblanc or Fizz with multiple dashes can afford to play further up with weaker ward coverage, because they can cross half the lane as soon as the jungler is spotted.

2. Setting up ganks
You know how sometimes the enemy laner brings a pink ward or a sweeping lens to clear out your ward coverage? That clears out your vision, and more to the point, it guarantees the enemy jungler (or sometimes a laner) a way to roam into your lane without being spotted.

The same principle can work for you. If you clear out all of the enemy's wards on a certain gank path (be it the river or the tribush, or even in the lane brush if you want to lane gank), but the enemy continues pushing anyway, that's a free gank, and usually a free kill.

3. Counter-ganks
However, that's not the only way wards can help out your jungler's ganks. Sometimes you're clearly stronger than the enemy in lane, and they call their jungler to help them out. If you have good vision coverage, this might result in the enemy jungler sitting on top of a ward.

This means that your jungler has the opportunity for a counter-gank. Namely, when the enemy jungler engages, your jungler jumps out of nowhere to surprise him, turning a 2v1 gank into a 2v2 fight (or 3v2 into 3v3 in bot lane). This can go either way depending on the champions involved, but if done well, this can end up with a 1 for 0 or 2 for 1 (or if it went REALLY well, 2 for 0) trade, giving you an even bigger advantage in the lane.

Just be warned that trying this is very dependent on the champions involved. If you're playing Akali with an Amumu jungler against a Syndra and Lee Sin, going for a 2v2 before level 6 is a very bad idea. Don't go for the 2v2 unless you can actually win it, else you'll just set yourself behind.

Finally, there are certain champions with enough burst to completely blow an enemy up without giving them a chance to really do anything. This can be a VERY risky play, but sometimes if the jungler walks to a ward, you can instead try to ambush him, finish him off before the enemy laner gets to the fight, and then run with your new set of double-buffs. However, I'd only recommend doing this if you know you can blow them up instantly and neither of them stand a chance against you in a 1v1 fight. (For example, Ahri's a champion that can sometimes get away with this, because she uses her DFG charm-ult combo for an instant kill, and then uses the other charges of her ult to run away afterwards.)

4. Spotting the jungler
There's exactly one circumstance in which you can play aggressive even without ward coverage, and that's if the jungler is already accounted for elsewhere. No wards in top lane but you know the jungler's ganking bot? By all means, go for the all-in. No vision in mid, but the jungler just died? Then there's no risk of a gank until he gets back.

Or more to the point, if you have a ward by wraiths or one of his buffs, that gives your entire team information on where the jungler is at, and is also very valuable for your jungler if he wants to counterjungle or countergank.

This is a more advanced tactic than the others in this tip, simply because it relies on the rest of your team being good enough to make use of the information. For instance, an LCS team might immediately just take dragon and maybe the bottom tower just from seeing the enemy jungler near the top lane. A bronze team wouldn't even notice and would probably die to the top lane gank anyway.

However, if you work as a team, then this kind of information is invaluable for outplaying the enemy jungler, as a jungler that's predictable is one that you're halfway to making completely useless.

5. Bush Control
This matters more for the top or bottom lanes than the mid lane, but sometimes being able to go invisible in the bush is a big advantage for one champion, and having bush control (aka: Warding the bush in question) can really help out. The most obvious example of this is facing a Blitzcrank or a Thresh in bot lane, as if you can keep track of them at all times, that makes avoiding their hooks a lot easier than if they're lurking unseen in the bush.

Also, occasionally in a close fight, one side will run into the bushes to delay that crucial targeted ability or auto attack. Having a ward you can instantly place in the bush to keep up the offensive can sometimes be the difference between getting a kill and giving up a death.

6. Dragon
The final thing I have to mention about warding during the lane phase is dragon. I'll touch more on this in my next tip (when I talk about vision control in the mid-late game and around objectives), but suffice to say that having vision of dragon is important even if you can't take the objective, and having vision control around dragon makes it FAR easier to win a fight at the dragon pit.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Here's an overview of some useful early-game ward locations in the bottom half of the map. (Don't worry about having a ward in EVERY one of those at the same time, but these are just various locations you should consider putting a ward at when you go out to do so.)

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