Drumroll, please...

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Drumroll, please...

Post by Kurushii Drive » April 24th, 2017, 3:56 pm


They are the NA LCS's victors of the 2017 Spring Split! Having an outstanding split, they continue to surprise (not really lol) avid LoL enthusiasts and spectators alike, never ceasing to amaze me myself (although honestly, I wanted C9 to win )':

They and Cloud9 battled it out to the death, the series going to a full 5 games! TSM had completely one-sided games in the first 2 of the set, but then, Cloud9's being the team they are, demonstrated their resilience with two quick victorious games for themselves, Jensen having himself two of the greatest Syndra games we have seen him have this split.

However, in Game 5, TSM were quick to grab Syndra for themselves, making her their first pick after banning three heroes who are core to the Cloud9 gameplan. Even so, Game 5 was very intense and nerve-racking, each team going back in forth in each team fight. However, in the game-determining team fight, due to TSM's clever Dragon stratagem that pulled apart C9 from fighting a full-scale fight, they were able to take it home soon after.

On the other side, FlyQuest and Phoenix1 played the 3rd place match, but Phoenix1 showed themselves to be no match for the opposing veteran squad, winning it in only 3 games.

If you happened to miss any of the action in the Rift over the past weekend, be sure to check out LoLEsports's YT channel! These two matches, especially the TSM vs. C9 one, are ones you would not want to miss out on!
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