Meeting Minutes 04/28/18

Minutes from Christian Crew Meetings
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Meeting Minutes 04/28/18

Post by NeoJabez » April 28th, 2018, 8:02 pm

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Attendees: <A>Calzen, Dragonfire20, DragonstarGaming, DynamiteTiger, Flo, FutronBob, GingerAvenger, Global, Goatman, Grizz Gallant, Hudbus, Kratos, NeoJabez, Rocket Chair, SkyeRangerDelta, The Doctor

Prayer Requests/Praise Reports: Ryvaldus - Has a series of assessments coming up, and there's a huge need of prayers. It could effect restrictions on his job, and similar things. FutronBob - Continued prayers for my health, anxiety, migraines, and especially for my sleep schedule. Praise that overall this week my anxiety has decreased somewhat.


1) Grizz Gallant - I would like to advertise the upcoming Ark server changes. Also, people can go ahead and head here to talk about it. viewtopic.php?f=148&p=199380#p199380

2) Elvis put through a suggestion: "Put these (Pre-Meeting Discussions) kind of forum topics in the announcements section in discord, so all the peoples can be informed of an upcoming meeting and any questions or input they might have for CC."

We've got Staff capable of doing just this, including the links to our Pre-Meeting Threads and we are going to try and start doing this. Thank you very much for an excellent suggestion, sir!

3) Kesa asked a great question about being able to sign up/register for our forums using other, existing accounts, such as Discord. Yes, our next major upgrade will include this functionality. Our next major upgrade is NOT going to happen right away as many other details have to fall into place first.

4) Please stay tuned! Our new May Edition of the CC Newsletter will be released on Tuesday, May 1, and will be a mixed media presentation. (You'll have articles to read, videos to watch, and interactive stuff, too!) Many thanks and kudos to everyone who contributed this month, and plans to contribute next month! Anyone who sees our new newsletter who would like to get on board and create content should message or otherwise communicate with NeoJabez. You can email, or PM him on the forums.


1) Amroth showed up just in time to get kicked out.

2) Our newest CM, Kesarahk, was supposed to attend, but she messed up the coupon code for the cookies and didn't bring us any. (Please rectify this for the next meeting, Kesa! Sugar-free for me!)

3) Questions were asked. Answers were given. It was all technological gobbledygook between Dragonfire20 and Neo, and Kratos asked if he could leave.

4) Kratos left. The end.

Rocket Chair's Recording:
word count: 414
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