Ark: Extinction DLC Leak

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Ark: Extinction DLC Leak

Post by DynamiteTiger » May 18th, 2018, 4:22 am

So a while I was trying to research if there is any new news about the release of Ark's last DLC, Extinction, I came across a YouTuber, by the name of ThickFreedom, who hacked into the end cinematic that you see after beating Rockwell, the Aberration end boss. There really isn't any new news here, and while I searched diligently, I didn't find any info on Extinction's release date except that it's "sometime in 2018". While this vid is a few months old, I did find this vid interesting as he takes a close look at the end scenes and shares his theories on how the Ark story line may play out in the new DLC.

word count: 121
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