Creature mod request

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Creature mod request

Post by AlloTalon » September 3rd, 2018, 1:52 pm

I know we have the Transformounts mod and the Mythical creatures mod, But if I'm being totally honest, they are super glitchy and the Transformounts Hardly ever spawn. I haven't really enjoyed playing with the Mythical creatures in particular due to the character glitching out after dismounting on some of them. And on top of that, there's that oh so annoying Cockatrice creature that drives me insane with the constant noise it makes! Espacially since it spawns in the bloodfalls where I LIVE!

So I would like to make a request for some creature mods. They don't have to replace the current ones but considering the amount of mods we have it would be reccommended. These creature mods have more variety and are more refined than the ones mentioned above.

1. Additional Creatures 2: Wild Ark: ... 1373744537

2. Ark Additions: Indominus Rex: ... 1445395055

3. Arkaeology Dinos: ... 1420423699
word count: 163

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