Review of Microsoft Surface Pro 6

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Review of Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Post by Imagine Wagons » August 15th, 2019, 10:59 pm

It's that time again where I got a new tech gadget and what my thoughts are on it.

Today I am reviewing Microsoft Surface Pro 6 (2018). A Surface Pro 6 is pretty much a windows 10 tablet/Laptop (more on this later) that comes in 4 different CPU variations, Intel core m3, i3, i5, and i7. Along with that the i7 version has a GPU selection as well, definitely worth checking out, and not only that the i3 and m3 versions come with a Microsoft type cover as well (backwards compatibility however not forwards capability as of time of writing that may change), and you also have the option to have a Surface Pro Pen (or stylus) bundled with it as well in the i5 and i7 (non-gpu) versions as well. Just depends on what you are looking for, however I do recommend the Wacom Bamboo Ink stylus over the Surface Pro Pen for device inter-compatibility as the Wacom Bamboo Ink has Bluetooth LE. These styli require AAAA (yes 4 A) Batteries, think of them as longer AAA batteries and can only (as of time of writing) be found at Best Buy, Amazon, or your local tech store.

Overview of devices:
Specifically looking at the type cover + Surface, the type cover, albeit fabric, is quite sturdy however does feel flimsy depending on how you hold it. I'm sure that with a good force it will break and/or bend the type cover. Even thought these have chick-let keys they feel satisfying to type on compared to dell laptops as that is my work laptop. I feel that they could have made these much more rugged and not made or covered in fabric, but are easy to clean and quite hydrophobic. Granted they are not stain resistant (don't eat Cheetos over them). The surface I feel is more targeted towards those who love to draw or are graphics designers, but don't let that fool you, even though the starting price is $600 (for the M.3 model) it is about or if not cheaper, than a iPad Pro or an iPad in general but more expensive than a Android tablet.

Final thoughts:
While the surface pro 6 m.3 (the model I have) is more of a middle ground between the Surface go it still holds up its weight in value. I feel that since I got this, this is more of my daily driver than my desktop and that is saying something. I used to draw on a wacom pro paper edition however I'm leaning towards this for my every day drawing and tabletop gaming needs. Pair it with Microsoft office notebook and this will become a college student's want/need for a laptop. However you may want to keep your power adapter with you during classes or through out the day.

3.5 out of 5
Great responsiveness on touch
Great responsiveness on Wacom Bamboo Ink/Surface pro pen
Great performance even at the m.3 level

Power adapter easily gets undone which is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time

Type cover and Surface Pro Pen are separate purchases at $100 (USD) each.
Only one USB Port but has the option for a dock at $150 (USD)
Battery life is short so keep the adapter with you.
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