Meeting Minutes 1/11/2020

Minutes from Christian Crew Meetings
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Meeting Minutes 1/11/2020

Post by NeoJabez » January 11th, 2020, 8:51 pm

Attendees: AJMan14, Amosathar, Amroth, BaconBob, Brent, Classic Ffootballl, CreativeCat, CrisisCal, Dr. Cecil Electro Nugget, Dr. Lion, Farmergal, Globalkoas, H_T, Kesarahk, JoyOfGod, ✞𝓛𝓮𝓬𝓽𝓻𝓲𝓬✞ - , וטא פדה:NeoJabea, OrangeYoshiPlayz, PingJockey, project312, Robzor, SilverHoudini, The Doctor, Toondogjoe, SkyeRangerDelta

Prayer Requests/Praises: Kesarahk - Praise, everyone finally got to sleep last night. The baby decided to allow it. Amosathar - Fires in Australia. SilverHoudini - Meeting with broker went well. We're moving forward with the home ownership steps. Very little we need to do before we can get approved for a mortgage. Just need a bit more for down payment and a few things to boost credit. SkyeRangerDelta - About to get slammed with severe weather. ✞Lectric✞ - החוטא פדה: that I dont die from dust allergies (did a ton of moving stuff today). Amroth: I believe I have come down with a cold, but I am doing okay.The Doctor - Had severe thunderstorm/tornado producing weather yesterday, and ice came today.
BaconBob - Fighting off a slight cold.


1) SkyeRanger brought up having staff voice channels moved to a separate category for the purposes of making categories a bit more efficient. The motion passed by member vote. Really, it's just going to mean that the text channel and the voice channels will be independently collapsible as opposed to them all being in the same collapsing heading.

2) SkyeRanger also discussed changing the Games Voice Channels to use game role permissions. Basically making the voice channels reflect roles and match the text channels. This change will make it so an individual cannot see the game voice channels unless he or she has the game role assigned to you.

As an aside to this topic, it was suggested that voice channels are only visible to those who possess said game roles or the game watchers role. It should be noted that people with the "Game Watcher" role see all of the game role channels regardless. Motion passed by members.

3) There was a discussion about allowing @everyone pings versus @here, or not. Motion passed by members. (Everyone pings can be disabled per server, by the way.)

4) We will soon have Wednesday Game Nights and Key Drops. There was also a suggestion about having a dedicated channel for events, and is was decided to use Meeting Hall.

5) Kesa - reinstating mod+ ability to move people, given that bot-logger now tracks moves? so they can't be anonymously abused any more. We still don't know who originally trolled the functionality and caused its removal from member+.

6) Robzor wanted to remind people that ECs are on Discord to help anyone in the community to create events, so if you have something you want to do, say the word!

7) Neo mentioned that the forums and the website have now been separated, the forums are working perfectly fine, but the website is currently in maintenance mode while things are changed. Anyone who has any cool ideas for additions to the site, would be interested in having their own blogs, etc, please let us know.

8) Skye spoke a little on new and upcoming FIshsticks functions. For example, we're thinking up ways to integrate membership applications into FishSticks.

9) Bob plans to have Star Wars Movie Nights on Mondays.

We gave away TWO games tonight, Aegis Defenders AND X-Morph: Defense. If you don't attend meetings, or events, look what you're missing! :D

10) Join us next Saturday at 6:30 CST for our first Halo: Master Chief Collection custom game night!


1) Most of our very quick discussion was based around operational minutiae surrounding the website and FishSticks specifically. And we spammed the Meeting Hall text channel with gifs and graphics.

Our next meeting is tentatively scheduled for: 1/25/2020.

Ffootballl's Recording/Stream:
word count: 625
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